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Level Up Your Long Range Shooting With 300 PRC Brass

Introducing the Ammo Metro’s high-precision PRC brass designed explicitly for long-range shooters. It is equipped with highly ballistic properties that let you fire high BC bullets easily. The PRC brass has an ultra-convenient design that lets you load heavy bullets without compromising the shooting range. Our 300 PRC brass in stock features a highly ballistic coefficient and comes in a modern design to meet every shooter’s needs.

We improvise its performance and are confident to share that it offers you faster performance than the 30 magnum and 300 Winchester magnum bullets available in the market. 300 PRC brass is an excellent choice for larger and open shooting areas and provides high precision shooting experience in long to mid-range. It has a sturdy beltless case and premium ballistics that let you reload the refile fast and smoothly.

Overview of 300 PRC Brass

300 PRC brass is not an ordinary cartridge case. Our team conducts the quality check of all products before making it available at our online store. It is a high-precision cartridge with a significant improvement in firing heavy bullets at long range. Our 300 PRC brass in stock features a 0.532 inches head diameter, 30-degree shoulder, and no belts. It has a faster twist barrel, allowing you to hit the target with higher precision.

  • Cartridge length- 3.7 inches
  • Brass Quantity- 100 Pieces
  • Cartridge- 300 PRC
  • Ballistic Coefficient- 0.673 | 0.777
  • Shoulder angle- 30 Degree

Features Of The 300 PRC Brass

The 300 PRC brass in stock, the precise rifle cartridge, is specifically designed for long-range shooting. It contains brass that balances the rifle’s weight when you fire the bullet on long and medium-range targets. The brass used in 300 PRC rifle cartridges is hard and perfect for firing large bullets. Some of the features of 300 PRC brass are as follows:

A Sturdy Base

There is no exception that the base of the rifle cartridge decides the preciseness of the shooting. By keeping this factor in mind, we used the Lapua case that lets you reload the refile without putting it down. The best part is that the base of the 300 PRC brass-for-sale rifle cartridge case has a longer life than ordinary ones, and it serves hunters for years and brings the same consistency in shooting long-range targets.

A Brass Body

We used the pure form of brass to ensure the durability and long life cycle of our 300 PRC brass for sale. Its dimension remains constant and holds the primers tightly in the pocket even after multiple reloading of the rifle. In addition, you can extract it easily after firing, whether it’s your neck-size or full-size reloader. We have 300 PRC brass in stock that you can easily buy from our site. 

A Case Neck

Strict adherence to advanced metallurgical techniques is essential to design the case neck of the 300 PRC brass. The highly maintained brass neck is sufficient for repeated firing and has the required thickness and diameter per the long-range shooting requirements.

Shop 300 PRC Brass From Ammo Metro

If you are looking for an excellent place to purchase the 300 PRC brass in stock, then Ammo Metro is your ultimate destination. Here, you will find the 300 PRC brass for sale at a competitive price and high quality. We strictly follow the industry guidelines in making these rifle cartridges for long-range shooting purposes. We acknowledge the needs of our customers and make improvements in our products from time to time. You will get peace of mind and premium quality products when you shop from us. So what are you waiting for? Visit our shop section to buy 300 PRC brass for sale now!

Specifications for Lapua .300 PRC Unprimed Rifle Brass:

Manufacturer: Lapua
Gun Type: Rifle
Bullet Type: Brass
Cartridge: .300 PRC
Primed: No
Condition: New
Brass Quantity: 100 Piece


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