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Get An Exhilarating Shooting Experience With 50 Beowulf Ammo

It is said that cartridge choice is significant when selecting your gear for shooting. While no bullet guarantees a one-shot-kill, using the right cartridge for the type of game you want to hunt will considerably increase your chances of a quick and clean shot. Since hunters look for short-range, low-velocity, and heavy rounds, 50 Beowulf Ammo has made a special place in the shooting world. With its powerful features and excellent shooting experience, 50 Beowulf ammo became a top choice among gun enthusiasts across the country. For small and big hunting games, buying 50 Beowulf bulk ammo is an ideal choice among hunters. If you want to buy 50 Beowulf ammo for sale for shooting, stick to this article, as you will know everything about this cartridge in detail. 

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Tracing back the history of 50 Beowulf Ammo

The 50 Beowulf Ammo was developed in 2001 and created by Bill Alexander of Alexander Arms. Bill is a British firearms investor and is prominent for developing the 50 Beowulf and 6.5mm Grendel cartridges. This round is also well-suited for tactical applications in urban environments, that  is why it has been relatively widespread adoption by military and law enforcement personnel who need a  that can easily penetrate windshield glass, body armor, and auto body panels without any noticeable deflection. 

The object of the 50 Beowulf Ammo

50 Beowulf bulk ammo was initially designed to have excellent power at short to medium range and was touted to be an excellent round for checkpoints and gate security. The bullet’s heavyweight and substantial gunpowder would  penetrate vehicle glass and body panels. The 50 Beowulf ammo was mainly advertised as the most tactical cartridge, but it has found most of its use in the hunting world for large North American games like beer and elk. Check out 50 Beowulf ammo for sale from Ammometro. 

Powerful Performance

Talking about the performance, 50 Beowulf ammo does not get its name for being a long-distance caliber. In fact, it is best known for being a short-range, heavy round, and low-velocity cartridge. Further, the ballistics of Beowulf is very close to that of the 45-70 Government round as they share nearly the same grain weight. The grain weight of the Beowulf round ranges between 300 gr and 400 gr. The best thing is that the Alexander Arms Speer Gold Dot rounds travel at 1870 feet per second and have 2330-foot pounds of force on the target. What are you waiting for? Get 50 Beowulf Ammo for sale from Ammometro at the best prices possible. 

Best Rifles For 50 Beowulf Ammo

You should know that any type of cartridge plays excellent only when it is shot from a great rifle. Are you thinking of which rifle is best to chamber in 50 Beowulf? It might be difficult for you to pick the best rifle, but we have made the task simpler for you. We have handpicked some great rifles for you; just check out the list given below. 

Alexander Arms Rifle 

First, on the list you have is the Alexander Arms rifle, and also for a good reason, as they have created 50 Beowulf ammo for sale. This rifle is capable of handling the most challenging hunting, tactical tasks, and competition that will provide you with the best hunting experience ever. 

50 Beowulf Bulk Ammo Rifle  

Another best option you have is the 50 Beowulf rifle. It is a great rifle overall for short-to-medium-range cartridges for all types of stuff. It is easy to handle whether you’re a novice or a professional shooter; the 50 Beowulf rifle is your best bet. 

Buy Premium 50 Beowulf Ammo From Ammometro

Ammometro is a leading provider of 50 Beowulf ammo and other types of cartridges. We have a range of different cartridges in our store, such as 50 Beowulf bulk ammo, 350 Legend Ammo, 9MM Ammo, 458 Socom Ammo, 35 Remington Ammo, Rip Ammo 500, etc. As we believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction with our products, we only offer premium quality ammo and rifles. You can buy 50 Beowulf Ammo for sale from us at competitive rates, and we ensure that it will not be a bad deal for you from us. 

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Product Information

Cartridge 50 Beowulf
Grain Weight 300 Grains
Quantity 20 Round
Muzzle Velocity 1950 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 2533 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point
Bullet Brand And Model Speer Uni-Cor
Lead Free Yes
Case Type Brass
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
Velocity Rating Supersonic
Country of Origin United States of America

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 1.500 Pounds
DOT-Regulated Yes

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