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Products Overview On Remington 1100:

Ports in the remington 1100 barrel towards the front allow gases to be released and power the action. Next, the gases propel a steel action sleeve around the magazine tube and into the bolt carrier at the gun’s rear, where the expended round is ejected.
When the magazine is emptied, it triggers the carrier release, which in turn causes the action spring in the stock to force the bolt forward, allowing the chamber to be loaded with a new shell. Any normal 2 and 34 inch (7.0 cm) shell can be fired from a Model 1100 without any modifications (7.6 cm) Magnum ammunition is suitable for use on

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Brief History On remington model 1100:

The Remington 1100 replaced the Model 58 and Model 878 gas-operated shotguns in 1963, and it was designed by Wayne Leek and Robert Kelley. The recoil operated Model 11-48 had been replaced by the Model 58, but the lengthy recoil action of John Browning’s original design remained in the Model 11 and the Browning Auto-5. The Model 58 and Model 878 were replaced by the Model 1100 upon its release in 1963, and the Model 11-48 was replaced by the Model 1100 a few years later.

The series is gas-operated throughout, and each model features a recoil-reducing system. Money-wise, it outsold every other autoloading shotgun in the United States in 1983.

In the mid-1980s, retailers like Target, Kmart, and Walmart carried the Sportsman 12 Auto, a simplified version of the Model 1100 in 12 gauge, and the Sportsman 12 Pump, a simplified version of the Model 870.

When a citation is required, [it] With its birch stock and reduced rollmarking on the receiver, the Sportsman 12 Auto was a more budget-friendly option. All 12 gauge Model 1100 components (barrels and receivers included) are entirely interchangeable despite these superficial changes. At the same time that the semi-automatic Model 11-87 and the pump-action Model 870 Express were released in 1987, both Sportsman 12 models were retired. (Citation required)

The Model 1100 Competition Synthetic was released by remington 1100 stock in 2011. In 2013, a specially designed 50th anniversary edition was released. There have been more than four million Model 1100 shotguns manufactured. Contemporary manufacturing continues for several gauge sizes (12, 20, and 28) and bore sizes (.410) from this series.

remington 1100 for sale

The 20 gauge 1100 LT-20 is widely considered the best of the Model 1100 20 gauges built by Remington and the most reliable. The receiver is milled from a single billet of steel for strength and durability to deliver the performance you need. Each side of the receiver features the signature Model 1100 rolled engraving with additional scrollwork on the bolt.

On the left side below the scrolling reads “remington 1100 versions1100 LT-20 with the serial # R120357K with the K indicating 20 gauge lightweight 2″ frame/receiver (LT). The bluing on the receiver and the 21” vent rib barrel is unfired and is chambered 2 3/4” with an ivory bead end sight, steel bead mid sight and equipped with the Remchoke system.

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