Are you looking for precision ammunition that helps you safeguard your home? During an emergency, a right gun with accurate ammunition allows you to do self-defense .458 Socom Ammo was developed for US Military operations to create a highly destructive cartridge. 

Over the years, 458 and .458 Socom ammo has been widely used as precise ammunition that provides an accurate shot and desired range during shooting. Whatever your goal, 458 Socom is the rifle cartridge you must have. In this blog, we will talk about 458 Socom in detail.  

About 458 Socom Ammo

458 Socom Ammo is a giant rifle cartridge designed to shoot with a modified AR-15-type rifle. It is intended to deliver higher performance than the other AR calibers. Socom Ammo is available in different variants, including subsonic and supersonic, and carries a weight of approx 250-600 grains. Most of the .458 Socom Ammo bullets fall under the lower weight range of 400-500 grains. However, the heavy-grain Socom Ammo is typically best for precision shooting.

History Of 458 Socom Ammo

Talking about its history, the 458 Socom Ammo was developed on the request of military officials who wanted a rifle cartridge with greater stopping power than the 5.56 Nato round. At the time of Operation Gothic Serpent in Somalia, which is widely known as Black Hawk Down, Mogadishu reported that it took several shots of 5.56 NATO to stop the attack.

In modern times, the 458 Socom Ammo sale is on a surge as more and more people love to try this cartridge rifle for hunting and self-defense purposes. Today, this ammo is available in 500 rounds and adds a high caliber to the modified AR-15 platforms.

Key Details of 458 Socom Ammo

458 and .458 Ammo is considered the most powerful cartridge suitable for the shooter who wants more muzzle and stopping power. Designed for AR rifles, 458 Socom Ammo adds more power and offers more firing control. Here are key details of 458 Socom ammo:

Quantity 500 Rounds
Cartridge 458 Socom
Muzzle Velocity 1500 feet per second
Bullet Style Full Metal Jacket
Lead Free No
Case Type Brass
Primer  Boxer
Grain Weight 350 Grain
Muzzle Energy 2116 foot Pound
Reloadable Yes
Velocity Rating Supersonic
Corrosive No

Performance of 458 Socom Ammo

The performance of this Socom ammo is excellent as it provides a high caliber and precision shot within 200 yards. However, if you fire it 100 yards at the target, this rifle cartridge will travel at the speed of 1512 feet per second and 1776 feet lbs on the target. If you seek high-precision ammo for hunting, 458 Socom will be perfect. Most hunters prefer .459 Socom ammo for the small game whitetails, hogs, general pests, coyotes, elk, etc. 

Apart from the game, it is also the first choice for shooters who want a powerpack cartridge and more muzzle energy during target shooting. It can also allow you to transform your standard AR-15 into a powerful weapon. The major reason behind developing the 458 Socom is to create a better round compatible with the A-15 platform and has more stopping power than 5.56 NATO. 

Talking about the length, 458 Socom ammo has a .50 AE case which is shorter than its previous cases. This cartridge rifle has a low-velocity defensive cartridge and a great brush gun, making it superior ammo to others. If you are looking for a 458 Socom Ammo for sale or a .458 Socom ammo for sale, count on Ammo Metro to get it at a competitive price.

Different Guns That Shoot 458 Socom Ammo

The 458 round of Ammo was initially created for the M4 Carbine, and all the standard models of these guns can easily use it. However, the upper rifles of this category must be specific for .458 Socom Ammo to bring precision during the target hitting. Apart from the M4 carbine, there are various guns in which you can use 458 Socom Ammo:

CMCG Resolute Rifle

The Resolute is one of the few AR-15 rifles that can shoot 458 Socom ammo precisely. This rifle is designed with a large caliber and offers extensive support at the time of firing. It is a standard AR-15 platform that is suitable for using 458 ammo. So, if you have a big fan of resolute rifles, the .458 Socom ammo will add thrill to your shooting experience. 

Whether it’s for small game or hunting purposes, you can use it with your CMCG Resolute rifle. You can easily search for 458 ammo for sale online and shop for this high-performing cartridge now.

Wilson Combat AR-15 Recon Rifle

Another AR-15 rifle that shoots 458 Socom ammo is the Wilson combat AR-15 recon rifle. You will find this gun in different segments, which you can choose per your needs. If you already have this rifle, then .458 Socom ammo takes your shooting experience to the next level. 

With high precision, you can also use it with an A-15 recon rifle for self-defense during an emergency. If you believe in the brand and don’t have a limited budget, this gun will be suitable for the Socom 458 ammo cartridge.

Buy 458 Socom Ammo At Ammo Metro

Whatever be your purpose of buying this 458 Socom Ammo, it will offer you an extraordinary shooting experience through its top-notch precision ability. In addition, it is also suitable with A-15 rifles and helps you safeguard your homes from robbers and thieves. During bad circumstances, fast-reloading and great ammunition will give you an extra edge to defend yourself and your family. 

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